McGill-Western Collaboration Working Group

The McGill-Western CFREF Working Group is responsible for high-level discussion regarding project collaboration and ensuring that Western and McGill’s commitments to each other are met, as outlined in the Executive Collaborative Proposal Plan. This includes:

  • Ensuring collaboration activity is aligned with the institutional and scientific strategic priorities and plans set out by Western and McGill in the collaboration plan submitted to the CFREF Secretariat;
  • Reviewing the collaboration activity on an annual basis and revising the Executive Collaborative Proposal Plan as required for approval by the Board of Directors of each initiative.

The McGill-Western CFREF Working Group is alternately chaired by the Vice-President (Research) of Western University and the Vice-Principal (Research & Innovation) of McGill University.

Membership consists of a minimum of eight (8) people including:

McGill University Membership

Western University Membership

  1. Vice-Principal, Research & Innovation - Martha Crago
  2. Deputy Vice-Principal, Research & Innovation - Philippe Gros
  3. HBHL Scientific Representative - Robert Zatorre
  4. HBHL Managing Director - Krystle Van Hoof
  1. Vice-President, Research (Acting) - Bryan Neff
  2. Associate Vice-President, Research - Kevin Shoemaker
  3. BrainsCAN Co-Scientific Director - Lisa Saksida
  4. BrainsCAN Co-Scientific Director - Ravi Menon
  5. BrainsCAN Executive Director - Fay Harrison

Governance - McGill-Western Collaboration Grant

The Collaboration Working Group oversee this cross-institutional program.

Each application has three reviewers with at least one external (to Western) reviewer. Larger scale 3 year full grant applications also have 3 reviewers with a minimum of two externals (to Western). Once the review panel has reached a consensus the rankings are anonymized and presented by the Program Chairs to the Executive Committee (EC) at an in-person meeting for approval with a recommendation for the funding line cut-off. If either Co-Chair or an EC member is in conflict they are not party to the discussions. Once the funding line is set the EC members without COIs are unblinded. This is to address any specific concerns brought up by the panel that require grant details, as well as to confirm compliance with CFREF regulations. Applications for this grant have the additional step of recommended grants being anonymized and then considered by the McGill-Western Collaboration Working Group that include VPRs from both Institutions.

Full details about the McGill-Western Collaboration Grant can be found here.