McGill-Western Collaboration Working Group

The McGill-Western CFREF Working Group is responsible for high-level discussion regarding project collaboration and ensuring that Western and McGill’s commitments to each other are met, as outlined in the Executive Collaborative Proposal Plan. This includes:

  • Ensuring collaboration activity is aligned with the institutional and scientific strategic priorities and plans set out by Western and McGill in the collaboration plan submitted to the CFREF Secretariat;
  • Reviewing the collaboration activity on an annual basis and revising the Executive Collaborative Proposal Plan as required for approval by the Board of Directors of each initiative.

The McGill-Western CFREF Working Group is alternately chaired by the Vice-President (Research) of Western University and the Vice-Principal (Research & Innovation) of McGill University.

Membership consists of a minimum of eight (8) people including:

McGill University Membership

Western University Membership

  1. Vice-Principal (Research & Innovation) - Martha Crago
  2. Associate Vice-Principal (Research & Innovation) - Anne McKinney
  3. HBHL Scientific Representative - Robert Zatorre
  4. HBHL Managing Director - Ron Lafreniere
  1. Vice-President (Research) - John Capone
  2. Associate Vice-President (Research) - Mark Daley
  3. BrainsCAN Co-Scientific Director - Ravi Menon
  4. BrainsCAN Executive Director - Fay Harrison