Highly Qualified Personnel Committee

Training the next generation of researchers is one of the most important aims of the BrainsCAN initiative. BrainsCAN HQP programs endeavor to attract and retain the world’s most promising young neuroscientists and neuroimagers to Canada, and to Western. BrainsCAN’s HQP opportunities will develop and support graduate students and postdoctoral scholars as they establish themselves in this field.

Please refer to the HQP Committee Terms of Reference for further details.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program and Graduate Studentship Program

For each program, following an administrative review for completeness, an application’s fit to BrainsCAN’s mandate is evaluated by the BrainsCAN HQP Committee referencing the BrainsCAN steering document. Each application is reviewed by 3 committee members. Where the reviewers are not unanimous, the application is sent to the full committee where the majority result is used. All applications deemed to fit BrainsCAN’s mandate are sent to SGPS where an arm’s length review panel, with at least 1 external (to Western) member, is formed. This panel reviews the applications based on the criteria and weighting in the Program Guidelines, and provides scores and funding recommendations to the program chairs and BrainsCAN Executive Committee (EC). In a blinded fashion, these recommendations are reviewed and ratified by the EC in consultation with the program chairs.

Full details about the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program can be found here.

Full details about the Graduate Studentship Program can be found here.

HQP Committee

The BrainsCAN HQP committee currently consists of:

  1. Dr. Marieke Mur - Chair
  2. Dr. Susanne Schmid
  3. Dr. Brian Corneil
  4. Dr. Shawn Whitehead