Open Science Working Group

BrainsCAN recognizes Open Science as a core strength in its ability to advance innovation. As our Open Science initiatives enable rapid dissemination of the latest datasets, techniques and breakthrough discoveries, the wider community of stakeholders can freely access this information for rapid translation. Open Science promotes more innovation than some traditional practices like patents and licences, which can create barriers to access.

To further BrainsCAN’s ambitious Open Science agenda, a working group has been established as a sub-committee of the RMC. The main objectives of this working group are to:

  1. Establish/formalize BrainsCAN position on Open Science
  2. Promote Open Science at BrainsCAN
    1. Centralize resources via a BrainsCAN hosted website
    2. Leverage existing (or in development) and agile information sources
  3. Advises on the Open Science Framework development for WIN with the TOSI/BrainsCAN supported consultant



  1. Ali Khan (co-chair)
  2. Marco Prado (co-chair)
  3. Daniel Ansari
  4. Tim Bussey
  5. Jody Culham
  6. Jorn Diedrichsen
  7. Jessica Grahn
  8. Andrew Pruszynski
  9. Ryan Salewski