BrainsCAN Research Management Committee

The Research Management Committee (RMC) is the vehicle for the PIs with devolved responsibility for key project areas to report on their activity to the Executive Committee and advise the Executive Committee on specific aspects of BrainsCAN research activities that need additional review or input.

Specific responsibilities of the RMC are to:

  • Report on outputs from each area of work as part of the reporting mechanism to the Board;
  • Promote strategic planning for research activities consistent with the BrainsCAN mission;
  • Identify and promote inter-disciplinary research opportunities;
  • Identify needs for enhancement of research infrastructure related to instruments, tools, equipment, space and technical support.

RMC Committee

The RMC is chaired by a BrainsCAN Scientific Director.

The committee consists of:

  1. Lisa Saksida - Chair, Co-Scientific Director
  2. Daniel Ansari 
  3. Tim Bussey - Rodent Cognition Core Director
  4. Jody Culham  Funding Program Co-Chair
  5. Jörn Diedrichsen - Computational Core Director
  6. Stefan Everling - NHP Core Director, HQP Committee Co-Chair
  7. Mel Goodale - Human Cognition & Sensorimotor Core Director
  8. Fay Harrison - Executive Director
  9. Ingrid Johnsrude - HQP Committee Co-Chair
  10. Ravi Menon - Co-Scientific Director/Imaging Core Director
  11. Adrian Owen 
  12. Terry Peters - VASST Lab Director
  13. Robert Zatorre - McGill Representative
  14. Marco Prado - Funding Program Co-Chair