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Neurodegeneration, Concussion, Memory

Four scholars named among nation's elite

September 07, 2017

The overarching goal of Lisa Saksida’s work is to provide this essential missing component. She has invented a touchscreen-based technology ...

Menon tapped as BrainsCAN Co-Scientific Director

July 11, 2017

Ravi Menon knows he and his fellow BrainsCAN researchers are on the clock. “Seven years sounds like a long time. But it is not, in terms of ...

Parkinson's disease, Imaging methods, Neurodegeneration, Stroke and ischemic brain injury, Neurodevelopment, Alzheimer's Disease, Consciousness

Strengthening Partnerships: Develop sustainable partnerships, networks and global initiatives

January 01, 2017

With a goal to reduce the burden of brain disorders affecting nearly 3.6-million Canadians and radically transform humankind’s understanding ...

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