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The Clinical Research Coordinator develops and maintains effective systems that enable recruitment of individuals with identified disorders into research studies which involves developing effective relationships with clinical staff (neurologists, neurosurgeons, nursing staff, and other allied health professions) and with BrainsCAN faculty and trainees (collectively: “The Research Team”) to support the administration and management of research projects involving patients at the London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care, Parkwood Hospital, and Victoria Hospital. The incumbent collaborates with nonmedical trainees to set up observerships, and with medical trainees to identify appropriate research projects that involve medical and nonmedical research staff.

The Clinical Research Coordinator works closely with clinical personnel, to provide strategic consulting for identifying and recruiting research participants, responds to inquiries related to the research projects, provides supervision of trainees in the implementation and management of clinical studies, and reports to the Director of the BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core (HCSC core).  The incumbent will contribute to the development, coordination, and evaluation of project goals.  The Clinical Research Coordinator troubleshoots problems at all stages of project development and implementation including developing standard operating procedures and template documents related to obtaining ethics approval from the Health Sciences Research Ethics Board and the Lawson Health Research Institute. The incumbent liaises with a variety of stakeholders to build research capacity and ensure the successful coordination of all tasks to achieve the research outcomes.

Vacancy: 1 Close Date: 2019/09/25