Open Vacancies

The Medical Innovation Fellowship program brings together a cross-disciplinary team to collaborate in medical related innovation and development for approximately 10 months. The Fellows learn disciplined product development including FDA and Health Canada requirements, Insurance Reimbursement, Intellectual Property, Business strategies, Creativity Techniques, and Prototyping) at the University of Minnesota and at WORLDiscoveries at Western. The Fellows participate in clinical immersion to observe MDs, nurses, and associated technicians at work in the operating room. After collecting unmet needs, the Fellows define the problem from all angles, working with each other and Western organizations to innovate around these needs with multiple sets of prototyping cycles and bench top testing. The ultimate goal is for the Fellows to bring a new product into the realm of medical innovation. We are seeking 6 to 8 Fellows for an appointment beginning in July 2020, and lasting approximately 10 months.

Vacancies: 6-8 Close Date: 2020/01/15

The Administrative Officer will ensure the efficient coordination of administrative operations for BrainsCAN. The incumbent will provide guidance and support for a wide range of administrative, human resources, and financial functions and processes, and ensure they are carried out in compliance with all of Western's relevant administrative policies and procedures. The Administrative Officer will advise the Executive Director in the resolution of administrative issues, and monitor and manage physical and financial resources and supplies. The incumbent will also provide project support, participate in relevant committees, and ensure the availability of necessary documentation, resources and information.

Vacancy: 1 Close Date: 2020/01/20