Results: Accelerator Program

Funding Cycle Award Type Title Value Lead PI Department Co-Applicants / Collaborators Keywords
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Using automated touchscreen tasks for cognitive assessment in the alpha-synuclein Parkinson's model $69,937 Beraldo de Paiva, Flavio Physiology and Pharmacology Prado, Marco; Prado, Vania Parkinson's disease, touchscreens
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Evaluating cognitive impairment and imaging and blood biomarkers in a model of concussion $100,000 Brown, Arthur Robarts Research Institute Prado, Marco; Bartha, Robert; Menon, Ravi; Daley, Mark Concussion, fMRI, MRS, biomarkers, touchscreens
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Imaging visually-evoked cortical activity $90,265 Butler, Blake Psychology Lomber, Steve; Gilbert, Kyle; Mathias Dietz Hearing & auditory perception, neuroplasticity
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Genetic manipulation of lactate metabolism to regulate memory and Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis. $53,684 Cumming, Robert Biology Barta, Robert; Scholl, Tim Alzheimer's disease, memory
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Imaging fetal brain connectivity in high risk pregnancy: Can it influence the incidence of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric problems? $39,500 de Ribaupierre, Sandrine Clinical Neurological Sciences McKenzie, Charles; de Vrijer, Barbra; Eagleson, Roy; Levin, Simon; Oglivie, Jaqueline Neonatal, neuroplasticity, mental health, fMRI, MRI, fetal MRI
2017 Round 1 Stimulus State-of-the-art clinical assessment of hand function in stroke and cervical spondylotic myelopathy $82,260 Diedrichsen, Joern Computer Science Ejaz, Naveed; Krakauer, John; Olds, Kevin; Teasell, Robert; Duggal, Neil; Pruszynski, Andrew Stroke & ischemic brain injury, cervical myelopathy, motor function
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Single-photon calcium imaging for interrogating the circuitry of the frontoparietal cognitive control network $60,944 Everling, Stefan Physiology and Pharmacology Menon, Ravi; Ma, Liya Novel neuroscience/neuroimaging techniques, miniscopes
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Characterizing auditory cortical receptive fields $54,019 Johnsrude, Ingrid Psychology, Communications Sciences and Disorders Billig, Alex; Howard III, Matthew; Steven, David; Burneo, Jorge Hearing & auditory perception
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Development of fMRI compatible reversible deactiviation to examine cerebral networks $109,917 Lomber, Stephen Physiology and Pharmacology, Psychology Butler, Blake; Everling, Stefan; Chronik, Blaine fMRI, novel neuroscience/neuroimaging techniques
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Investigating VTA, SNc and dopamine projections in the brain using MRI $36,809 MacDonald, Penny Clinical Neurological Sciences Khan, Ali; Owen, Adrian; Menon, Ravi Parkinson's disease, compulsion
2017 Round 1 Stimulus Recording neuronal activity using miniscopes $109,998 Prado, Marco Robarts Research Institute Prado, Vania; Williams, Sylvian; El Mestikawy, Salah Compulsion, miniscopes
2017 Round 2 Stimulus Development of a novel pharmaceutical to prevent noise-induced hearing loss $69,000 Allman, Brian Anatomy and Cell Biology Walton, Paul Hearing & auditory perception
2017 Round 2 Stimulus Magneto-vestibular Stimulation (MVS): effects on behaviour and resting state networks $63,895 Corneil, Brian Physiology and Pharmacology Everling, Stefan; Gati, Joe; Medendorp; Pieter  MRI, vision/visual perception
2017 Round 2 Stimulus Neurocognitive, genetic and environmental risk factors of learning disorders in children $97,209 Joanisse, Marc Psychology Stevenson, Ryan; Ansari, Daniel; Hayden, Elizabeth; Cardy, Janis; Archibald, Lisa; Gruen, Jeffrey Neurodevelopment, mental health, learning & learning disorders
2017 Round 2 Stimulus System-wide electrophysiological assessment of hearing $57,260 Johnsrude, Ingrid Psychology, Communication Sciences and Disorders Herrmann, Bjorn; Allen, Chris Hearing & auditory perception
2017 Round 2 Stimulus Diffusion MRI modelling of the cortex by macro- and myelo-architecture $75,900 Khan, Ali Medical Biophysics, Robarts Baron, Corey MRI, DWI
2017 Round 2 Stimulus The role of the basolateral amygdala in gaze aviodance behaviour $85,910 Martinez-Trujillo, Julio Physiology and Pharmacology Palaniyappan, Lena; Nicolson, Robert Mental health, facial recognition, mood & emotion & social behaviour
2017 Round 2 Stimulus The impact of maternal immune activation on fetal brain development $68,300 Renaud, Stephen Anatomy and Cell Biology Schmid, Susanne Mental health, neurodevelopment, neonatal
2017 Round 3 Stimulus The role of astrocytes in memory: Focus on pattern separation $94,500 Bussey, Tim Physiology and Pharmacology Prado, Vania; Kramar, Ceci; Prado, Marco; Saksida, Lisa Memory, novel neuroscience/neuroimaging techniques, touchscreens
2017 Round 3 Stimulus Relating functional and structural signatures of Parkinson’s disease to changes in dopamine signaling: A PET/fMRI study $98,500 MacDonald, Penny Clinical Neurological Sciences Hicks, Justin; Anazodo, Udunna; Prato, Frank; Dagher, Alain Parkinson's disease, MRI, fMRI
2017 Round 3 Stimulus Protecting against hemodialysis induced neuro-cognitive injury $20,000 McIntyre, Chris Medicine, Medical Biophysics Owen, Adrian Stroke & ischemic brain injury
2017 Round 3 Stimulus The impact of violent gaming on the brain as a function of individual differences in trait empathy $51,125 Mitchell, Derek Psychiatry, Anatomy and Cell Biology Finger, Elizabeth; Neufeld, Richard fMRI, mood & emotion & social behaviour
2017 Round 3 Stimulus Role of microglia signaling in brain circuit development and cognition. $90,000 Prado, Vania Robarts Research Institute Prado, Marco; Inoue, Wataru Mental health, memory, mood & emotion & social behaviour
2017 Round 3 Stimulus Growing new dendritic spines to correct cognitive deficits of schizophrenia $79,000 Rajakumar, Raj Anatomy and Cell Biology Allman, Brian; Inoue, Wataru Mental health, novel neuroscience/neuroimaging techniques
2017 Round 3 Stimulus Establishing a translational platform for studying sensory processing in neurodevelopmental disorders $66,500 Schmid, Susanne Anatomy and Cell Biology Allman, Brian; Stevenson, Ryan; Cardy Janis Hearing & auditory perception, language & speech, mental health, neurodevelopment
2018 Round 1 Stimulus Assessing listening with engaging, real-world auditory signals $74,474 Herrmann, Bjorn Psychology Johnsrude, Ingrid Hearing & auditory perception, aging, fMRI, EEG, language & speech, mental health, neurodevelopment
2018 Round 1 Stimulus Communicating with patients with disorders of consciousness by translating thoughts into light $56,180 St Lawrence, Keith Medical Biophysics Owen, Adrian; Debicki, Derek; Gofton, Teneille; Milej, Daniel Brain trauma, consciousness, novel neuroscience/neuroimaging techniques, vegetative states
2018 Round 1 Stimulus PET and MRI measurements of neuroinflammation and brain plasticity after a stroke $99,920 Thiessen, Jonathan Medical Biophysics Whitehead, Shawn; Hicks, Justin; Fox Matthew Stroke & ischemic brain injury, MRI, neuroplasticity, aging, brain trauma, Alzheimer's disease
2018 Round 2 Stimulus Uncovering the neural basis of cognitive impairment following hearing loss: An all-optical electrophysiology approach $95,900 Allman, Brian Anatomy and Cell Biology Inoue, Wataru Hearing & auditory perception, neuroplasticity, aging
2018 Round 2 Stimulus Development of virtual gaming environments for functional magnetic resonance imaging $89,854 Culham, Jody Psychology Johnsrude, Ingrid; Martinez-Trujillo, Julio; VPixx Technologies fMRI, novel neuroscience/neuroimaging techniques
2018 Round 2 Stimulus Use of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to detect brain activity associated with passive auditory and sensory processing in comatose survivors of cardiac arrest $52,072 Debicki, Derek Clinical Neurological Sciences St Lawrence, Keith; Owen, Adrian; Gofton, Teneille; Al Thenayan, Eyad -
2018 Round 2 Stimulus Dissecting the architecture of the neuromodulation of cognition in prefrontal cortical circuits with simultaneous intracellular recordings and local pharmacology $46,736 Everling, Stefan Physiology and Pharmacology Vijayraghavan, Susheel; Johnston, Kevin; Inoue, Wataru -
2018 Round 2 Stimulus Validating methods for using noninvasive brain stimulation to influence auditory perception $91,980 Grahn, Jessica Psychology Butler, Blake; Henry, Molly; Lomber, Stephen; Joanisse, Marc; Everling, Stefan -
2018 Round 2 Stimulus Altering high-risk trajectories in adolescent depression via attention bias modification training: Neural predictors and mechanisms $81,200 Hayden, Elizabeth Psychology Joanisse, Marc Liu, Pan -
2018 Round 2 Stimulus Developing optogenetics/electrophysiology applications for studying cognitive impairment during stress $100,000 Inoue, Wataru Physiology and Pharmacology Allman, Brian; Martinez-Trujillo, Julio -
2018 Round 2 Stimulus The effect of musical training on speech and sound perception $59,599 Johnsrude, Ingrid Psychology, Communications Sciences and Disorders Irisk, Vanessa; Van Hedger, Stephen -
2018 Round 2 Stimulus Developing behavioural testing and MR imaging to evaluate cognitive impariment in a model of clinical neurological sciences autoimmunity $57,270 Kerfoot, Steven Microbiology and Immunology Morrow, Sarah; Menon, Ravi; Beraldo, Flavio -
2018 Round 2 Stimulus Somatosensory microcircuits for real-world hand function $99,132 Pruszynski, Andrew Physiology and Pharmacology Martinez-Trujillo, Julio; Everling, Stefan; Hantman, Adam -
2019 Round 1 Full Developing a mechanistic understanding of crossmodal reorganization following sensory loss $447,675 Butler, Blake Psychology Allman, Brian; Menon, Ravi; Lomber, Stephen -
2019 Round 1 Stimulus Multi-area organization of saccade-evoked traveling waves $100,850 Martinez-Trujillo, Julio Physiology and Pharmacology Muller, Lyle; Williamson, Adam -
2019 Round 1 Stimulus Can self-efficacy training improve memory and functional activation in older adults with Mild Cognitive Training? A proof-of-concept intervention study $39,800 Nagamatsu, Lindsay Kinesiology Mitchell, Derek; Minda, Paul; Burhan, Amer; Horst, Becky -
2019 Round 1 Stimulus Developing and validating tools to assess higher level cognition in children and adolescents $96,050 Stojanoski, Bobby Psychology Joanisse, Marc; Stevenson, Ryan; Cambridge Brain Sciences -
2019 Round 2 Stimulus Detecting fine-grained population codes in human prefrontal cortex $92,847 Mur, Marieke Psychology Martinez-Trujillo, Julio; Menon, Ravi -
2019 Round 2 Stimulus Multisensory stimuli and virtual navigation tasks during intracranial clinical recordings $98,500 Muller, Lyle Applied Mathematics SullerMarti, Ana; Batterink, Laura; Martinez-Trujillo, Julio; Steven, David -
2019 Round 2 Stimulus Temporal interference stimulation in NHP $95,340 Corneil, Brian Physiology and Pharmacology Muller, Lyle; Lehmann, Sebastian  -
2019 Round 2 Stimulus Development of a Novel Pharmaceutical to Prevent Hearing Loss and Cognitive Impairment following Loud Noise Exposure $112,560  Allman, Brian Anatomy and Cell Biology Walton, Paul; Whitehead, Shawn -
2019 Round 2 Stimulus Unlocking the roles of aging and disease on white matter and neuroplasticity from development to degeneration using simultaneous PET and 129Xe MRI $99,400 Ouriadov, Alexei Physics and Astronomy Anazodo, Udunna; Thiessen, Jonathan; Fox, Matthew; Hicks, Justin; Whitehead, Shawn -
2019 Round 2 Stimulus Neuroplasticity during recovery of attentional function after parietal stroke in NHP $99,625 Baron, Corey Medical Biophysics Everling, Stefan; Khan, Ali; Butler, Blake; Miller, Dan -
2020 Two-Year Grant Project Neural correlates of adolescents’ adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic: A Longitudinal fMRI study $98,568 Liu, Pan Psychology Hayden, Elizabeth; Joanisse, Marc; Harkness, Kate; Stanton, Kasey -
2020 Two-Year Grant Project Dissecting the neural basis for cognitive impairment during stress $106,400 Inoue, Wataru Physiology & Pharmacology Martinez-Trujillo, Julio -


Please note that these results are accurate as of 2021-04-20


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