BrainsCAN Special Initiatives Funding Program (SIFP)

BrainsCAN prides itself on being agile and responsive to initiatives that promote and move forward cognitive neuroscience at Western and abroad. As such, BrainsCAN accepts, on a continuous basis, funding applications for these types of special initiatives. The types of proposals this fund has previously supported include, but are not limited to, knowledge mobilization, workshops/seminars, collaboration development, technology/capacity development, and community outreach.

If you have a special initiative and would like to request BrainsCAN funding, the process is as follows:

  1. Send a short email to that includes the names of PIs involved, a brief description, amount requested and a general rationale for meeting BrainsCAN’s mandate.
    • This information will be used to route the application to the appropriate process stream.
  2. For applications reviewed to be:
    1. within the mandate of a specific BrainsCAN core, the funding request will be sent to the appropriate core’s steering committee.
    2. a central BrainsCAN priority AND less than $1500, the PIs will be invited to complete the short-form application (see template below). This application will be reviewed by the SIFP chairs.
    3. a central BrainsCAN priority AND more than $1500, the PIs will be invited to complete the Full Special Initiative Form (see template below). This application will be reviewed by an SIFP panel that will provide funding recommendations to the Executive Committee. Given the added rigor of larger funding requests we recommend the application process be initiated as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for it to be reviewed.


Review Panel:

The SIFP Review Panel consists of the following people:

  1. Paul Gribble (co-chair)
  2. Vania Prado (co-chair)
  3. Daniel Ansari
  4. Laura Batterink
  5. Janis Cardy
  6. Brian Corneil
  7. Wataru Inoue
  8. Jacqueline Sullivan


Important Resources