Results: McGill Western Collaboration Grant

Funding Cycle Title Value Western Researcher McGill Researcher Keywords
2018 Round 1 Establishing neurophysiological evidence for the treatment of brain injury in intensive care units $360,000 Owen, Adrian Blain-Moraes, S -
2018 Round 1 Identifying the neuronal activity of adult born neurons in the dentate gyrus that support behavioural pattern separation. $679,500 Saksida, Lisa Brandon, M -
2018 Round 1 Towards a translational model of the human-like Alzheimer pathology in a primate species $297,800 Martinez-Trujillo, Julio Cuello, AC -
2018 Round 1 OMMABA: The Open Multimodal Music and Auditory Brain Archive $375,171 Grahn, Jessica Zatorre, R Hearing & auditory perception, fMRI, MRI
2018 Round 1 Revealing the fundamental neuronal mechanisms underlying memory function in the CA1 area of the hippocampus $741,000 Martinez-Trujillo, Julio Williams, S -
2018 Round 1 Multiscale analysis of structure/function relationships in temporal-lobe epilepsy $99,800 Johnsrude, Ingrid Bernasconi, N -
2018 Round 1 Integrating behavioural, imaging, and transcriptional profiling to discover the impact of midlife stress in Alzheimer's disease $555,900 Bussey, Tim Williams, S Alzheimer's disease, MRI, touchscreens, memory


Please note that these results are accurate as of 2019-11-06


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