Results: Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Funding Cycle Name Project Title Supervisor(s) Tier
2017 Fall Cléry, Justine Identification of the effective connectivity changes in cortical and subcortical networks during pro- and anti-saccades using combination of fMRI and optogenetics/electrical microstimulation in NHPs Everling, Stefan; Menon, Ravi Tier II
2017 Fall Herrmann, Bjorn Assessment of neural pathway function for hearing Johnsrude, Ingrid; Allman, Brian; Schmid, Susanne; Bartlett, Edward Tier I
2017 Fall Laidlaw, Kaitlin Uncovering the neural representations of the intentions that drive action, and the role of intentional action in social settings MacDonald, Penny A.; Saksida, Lisa; Bussey, Tim; Tier I
2017 Fall Lowe, Cassandra Assessment of the neural mechanisms underlying self-regulation, and the factors that influence the development of these mechanisms Morton, J. Bruce Tier II
2017 Fall Ma, Liya Single-photon calcium imaging of frontoparietal neuronal activities during working memory in NHPs Everling, Stefan Tier I
2017 Fall Reichelt, Amy Defining nutritional influences on neural network structure and function across development Saksida, Lisa; Menon, Ravi; Tier I
2017 Fall Reschechtko, Sasha Central determinants of recovery from peripheral nerve injury Pruszynski, Andrew; Diedrichsen, Jörn; Tier II
2017 Fall Vieira, Joana Neural representations associated with personal space preferences as a function Autism Spectrum Disorder and Psychopathy Mitchell, Derek; Stevenson, Ryan Top-Up
2017 Fall Weiler, Jeff - - Top-Up
2017 Fall Xiao, Yiming Incorporating human brain connectome in planning deep brain stimulation to treat Parkinson's disease Peters, Terry; Khan, Ali; Tier II
2018 Spring Igarashi, Hiroyuki Optogenetic manipulation of intracellular calcium ion dynamics to regulate neural plasticity during stress Inoue, Wataru; Martinez-Trujillo, Julio; Prado, Marco Tier II
2018 Spring Ekstrand, Chelsea  Advancing inter-subject correlation approaches to naturalistic cognition using immersive virtual environments Culham, Jody; Johnsrude, Ingrid Tier II
2018 Spring Van Hedger, Stephen Facilitating speech intelligibility through auditory perceptual training Johnsrude, Ingrid; Batterink, Laura Tier I
2018 Spring Troyer, Melissa  Integrating big data and neuroimaging to understand variation in knowledge organization and its influence on language comprehension McRae, Ken; Joanisse, Marc; Köhler, Stefan Tier II
2018 Spring Schaeffer, David Ultra-high field functional mapping of oculomotor networks in NHPs Everling, Stefan; Menon, Ravi Tier I
2018 Spring Scheerer, Nikki The impact of sensory-motor control of speech on social communication and development in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders across the lifespan Stevenson, Ryan; Purcell, David; Cardy, Janis Tier I
2018 Spring McDonnell, Christina The neurobiology of autobiographical memory and emotion socialization in Autism Spectrum Disorder Stevenson, Ryan; Hayden, Elizabeth Tier II
2018 Fall Weiler, Jeff Compensatory cortical plasticity following induced spinal dysfunction Pruszynski, Andrew; Makin, Tamar Tier I
2018 Fall Craig, Allen Characterization and treatment of anxiety induced cognitive impairments with novel cannabidiol/terpene combinations Laviolette, Steven Tier I
2018 Fall Van Hedger, Kasey Examining striatal-mediated cognitive function in patients with substance use and obsessive-compulsive disorders MacDonald, Penny; Khan, Ali; Owen, Adrian Tier I
2018 Fall Liu, Pan The effect of attention bias training on adolescent internalizing problems: Neurobehavioral predictors and mechanism Hayden, Elizabeth; Joanisse, Marc Tier I
2018 Fall Michaels, Jonathan Neural and computational basis of goal-dependent feedback control Pruszynski, Andrew; Diedrichsen, Jörn Tier II
2018 Fall Hashad, Ahmed Cortical microcircuits underlying stress-induced cognitive impairments Inoue, Wataru; Martinez-Trujillo, Julio; Saksida, Lisa; Bussey, Tim Tier II
2018 Fall Forgaard, Chris Neuroplasticity in sensorimotor feedback driven by visual observation Gribble, Paul; Pruszynski, Andrew Tier II
2018 Fall Haast, Roy Hippocampal subregion characterization using vascular ultra-high field MRI Khan, Ali; Köhler, Stefan Tier II
2018 Fall Wilkey, Eric Executive functions of numerical information in single-subjects at 7-Tesla Ansari, Daniel; Menon, Ravi Tier I
2018 Fall Desmeules-Trudel, Felix Second language learning: From low-level phonetic processing to learning new words Joanisse, Marc Tier II
2019 Spring Lowe, Cassandra Determining the neural circuits underlying excessive food intake in adolescents and young adults Morton, Bruce; Bodell, Lindsay Tier I
2019 Spring Miller, Daniel Validation and application of structural markers of auditory cortex to study cross modal plasticity Butler, Blake; Khan, Ali Tier I
2019 Spring Nashed, Mina Examining the effects of prenatal THC exposure on prefrontal-hippocampal interactions and long-term cognitive development Laviolette, Steven; Hardy, Dan; Rushlow, Walter Tier I
2019 Spring Swaninathan, Swathi Travelling through time with music: Assessing the use of music to support autobiographical memory in older adults with and without Alzheimer’s disease Grahn, Jessica; Kohler, Stefan; Finger, Elizabeth Tier II
2020 Winter Miranda, Aline Targeting the epichaperome to improve cognitive deficits in mouse models of synucleinopathies Prado, Marco; Prado, Vania Tier I
2020 Winter Luisa Pinho, Ana Novel brain atlasing techniques to reveal the cerebellar role in music cognition Diedrichsen, Joern; Grahn, Jessica Tier I
2020 Winter Schormans, Ashley The Neural Basis of Audiovisual Temporal Perception: From Cortical Networks to Cellular Mechanisms Allman, Brian; Inoue, Wataru Tier I
2020 Winter He, Chenxi The impact of pediatric hearing loss on mathematics and underlying neural reorganizations Ansari, Daniel; Butler, Blake Tier I
2020 Winter Nichols, Emily Functional connectivity in fetal growth restriction: association with delivery times and long-term language outcomes Duerden, Emma; de Ribaupierre, Sandrine Tier I
2020 Winter Mei, Jie On neuromodulation-aware deep learning: A multi-level investigation. Mohsenzadeh, Yalda; Martinez-Trujillo, Julio Tier I
2020 Winter Cléry, Justine Ultra-high field functional mapping of the brain circuits serving understanding social interactions and actions in common marmosets Everling, Stefan; Pruszynski, Andrew Tier I
2020 Winter DeVuono, Marieka Investigating Sex and Dose-Dependent Cognitive Impairments Produced by Adolescent THC Exposure Laviolette, Steve; Schmid, Susanne Tier I
2020 Winter De Felice, Marta Investigating the neurodevelopmental aberrations on hippocampal formation induced by adolescent THC exposure Laviolette, Steve; Rushlow Walter Tier II
2020 Winter Adebiyi, Olamide Harnessing optogenetics to treat demyelination and cognitive impairment in the cuprizone model of multiple sclerosis Bussey, Tim; Menon, Ravi Tier I
2020 Winter Kalra, Priya The role of the medial temporal lobe in implicit learning: mechanisms and representations Minda, Paul; Batterink, Laura Tier I


Please note that these results are accurate as of 2021-04-20


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