Results: Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Funding Cycle Name Project Title Supervisor(s) Tier
2017 Fall Clery, Justine Identification of the effective connectivity changes in cortical and subcortical networks during pro- and anti-saccades using combination of fMRI and optogenetics/electrical microstimulation in NHPs Stefan Everling, Ravi Menon Tier II
2017 Fall Herrmann, Bjorn Assessment of neural pathway function for hearing Ingrid Johnsrude, Brian Allman, Susanne Schmid, Edward Bartlett Tier I
2017 Fall Laidlaw, Kaitlin Uncovering the neural representations of the intentions that drive action, and the role of intentional action in social settings Penny A. MacDonald, Lisa Saksida, Tim Bussey Tier I
2017 Fall Lowe, Cassandra Assessment of the neural mechanisms underlying self-regulation, and the factors that influence the development of these mechanisms J. Bruce Morton Tier II
2017 Fall Ma, Liya Single-photon calcium imaging of frontoparietal neuronal activities during working memory in NHPs Stefan Everling Tier I
2017 Fall Reichelt, Amy Defining nutritional influences on neural network structure and function across development Lisa Saksida, Ravi Menon Tier I
2017 Fall Reschechtko, Sasha Central determinants of recovery from peripheral nerve injury Andrew Pruszynski, Jörn Diedrichsen Tier II
2017 Fall Vieira, Joana Neural representations associated with personal space preferences as a function Autism Spectrum Disorder and Psychopathy Mitchell, Derek; Stevenson, Ryan Top-Up
2017 Fall Weiler, Jeff - - Top-Up
2017 Fall Xiao, Yiming Incorporating human brain connectome in planning deep brain stimulation to treat Parkinson's disease Terry Peters, Ali Khan Tier II
2018 Spring Igarashi, Hiroyuki Optogenetic manipulation of intracellular calcium ion dynamics to regulate neural plasticity during stress Wataru Inoue, Julio Martinez-Trujillo, Marco Prado Tier II
2018 Spring Ekstrand, Chelsea  Advancing inter-subject correlation approaches to naturalistic cognition using immersive virtual environments Jody Culham, Ingrid Johnsrude Tier II
2018 Spring Van Hedger, Stephen Facilitating speech intelligibility through auditory perceptual training Ingrid Johnsrude, Laura Batterink Tier I
2018 Spring Troyer, Melissa  Integrating big data and neuroimaging to understand variation in knowledge organization and its influence on language comprehension Ken McRae, Marc Joanisse, Stefan Köhler Tier II
2018 Spring Schaeffer, David Ultra-high field functional mapping of oculomotor networks in NHPs Stefan Everling, Ravi Menon Tier I
2018 Spring Scheerer, Nikki The impact of sensory-motor control of speech on social communication and development in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders across the lifespan Ryan Stevenson, David Purcell, Janis Cardy Tier I
2018 Spring McDonnell, Christina The neurobiology of autobiographical memory and emotion socialization in Autism Spectrum Disorder Ryan Stevenson, Elizabeth Hayden Tier II
2018 Fall Weiler, Jeff Compensatory cortical plasticity following induced spinal dysfunction Andrew Pruszynski, Tamar Makin Tier I
2018 Fall Craig, Allen Characterization and treatment of anxiety induced cognitive impairments with novel cannabidiol/terpene combinations Steven Laviolette Tier I
2018 Fall Van Hedger, Kasey Examining striatal-mediated cognitive function in patients with substance use and obsessive-compulsive disorders Penny MacDonald, Ali Khan, Adrian Owen Tier I
2018 Fall Liu, Pan The effect of attention bias training on adolescent internalizing problems: Neurobehavioral predictors and mechanism Elizabeth Hayden, Marc Joanisse Tier I
2018 Fall Michaels, Jonathan Neural and computational basis of goal-dependent feedback control Andrew Pruszynski, Jörn Diedrichsen Tier II
2018 Fall Hashad, Ahmed Cortical microcircuits underlying stress-induced cognitive impairments Wataru Inoue, Julio Martinez-Trujillo, Lisa Saksida, Tim Bussey Tier II
2018 Fall Forgaard, Chris Neuroplasticity in sensorimotor feedback driven by visual observation Paul Gribble, Andrew Pruszynski Tier II
2018 Fall Haast, Roy Hippocampal subregion characterization using vascular ultra-high field MRI Ali Khan, Stefan Köhler Tier II
2018 Fall Wilkey, Eric Executive functions of numerical information in single-subjects at 7-Tesla Daniel Ansari, Ravi Menon Tier I
2018 Fall Desmeules-Trudel, Felix Second language learning: From low-level phonetic processing to learning new words Marc Joanisse Tier II
2019 Spring Lowe, Cassandra Determining the neural circuits underlying excessive food intake in adolescents and young adults Bruce Morton, Lindsay Bodell Tier I
2019 Spring Miller, Daniel Validation and application of structural markers of auditory cortex to study cross modal plasticity Blake Butler, Ali Khan Tier I
2019 Spring Nashed, Mina Examining the effects of prenatal THC exposure on prefrontal-hippocampal interactions and long-term cognitive development Steven Laviolette, Dan Hardy and Walter Rushlow Tier I
2019 Spring Swaninathan, Swathi Travelling through time with music: Assessing the use of music to support autobiographical memory in older adults with and without Alzheimer’s disease Jessica Grahn, Stefan Kohler and Elizabeth Finger Tier II


Please note that these results are accurate as of 2019-11-06


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