BrainsCAN Board of Directors

The BrainsCAN Board of Directors is a governance body responsible for oversight of the project at Western and for ensuring that Western’s obligations to its partners are met. Responsibilities include ensuring that:

  • Expenditures of the Government of Canada’s CFREF award and partner funds within the BrainsCAN program at Western University are aligned with the goals of the CFREF program and with the institutional and scientific strategic priorities and plans set out by Western University for the BrainsCAN program in its approved proposal;
  • Resource allocation is fair, transparent and provides access to designated groups according to the BrainsCAN and University equity plan;
  • Appropriate governance, management and personnel structures, policies, procedures and strategies, including those related to risk management, management of conflict of interest, criteria for funding eligibility and performance based evaluations, are in place.

BrainsCAN Board

The BrainsCAN Board of Directors is chaired by the Vice-President (Research), Western University. Membership consists of the following people:

  1. Acting Vice-President (Research), Chair - Dr. Bryan Neff
  2. Founding Deans - Dr. Matt Davison, Dr. Nicholas Harney, Dr. John Yoo
  3. Vice-Principal (Research & Innovation), McGill University - Dr. Martha Crago
  4. A maximum of two members from private industry - Vacant
  5. A maximum of 4 members at large - Dr. Viviane Poupon, Dr. Jane Roskams, Dr. Allison Sekuler

Board Meetings & Reports