Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The BrainsCAN Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee is a sub-committee of the Executive Committee. The Committee provides a forum for developing high-level advice to the BrainsCAN Executive Committee on all matters of significance related to equity and inclusion issues that impact on service provision, outcomes and the reputation of BrainsCAN.

The committee is tasked with translating EDI principles and regulations into clear policies and action plans. The action plans should specify how objectives have been identified and progressed, outcomes tracked and risks managed.

BrainsCAN is committed, through its EDI Committee, to ensuring that the impact and outcomes of the actions are accurately and consistently measured, monitored and reported.

Please refer to the EDI Committee Terms of Reference for further details.

EDI Committee

The BrainsCAN EDI Committee currently consists of:

  1. Lisa Saksida, BrainsCAN Co-Scientific Director - Co-Chair
  2. Fay Harrison, BrainsCAN Executive Director - Co-Chair
  3. Paul Gribble, Faculty Representative
  4. Faculty Representative (2) - vacant
  5. Marieka DeVuono, Trainee Representative
  6. Research Staff Representative (1) - vacant
  7. Ryan Salewski, BrainsCAN Metrics Analyst 
  8. Hassam Ansari, BrainsCAN Communications Officer