Guidelines & Applications


Spring Round
Webform Letter of Intent Due April 8, 2019
Application Deadline May 21, 2019
Fall Round
Webform Letter of Intent Due October 28, 2019
Application Deadline December 9, 2019


The BrainsCAN Accelerator Program is a strategic internal funding opportunity with the explicit goal of increasing and accelerating interdisciplinary research within the BrainsCAN initiative and, where appropriate, with our partners. The Accelerator Awards promote curiosity-driven research and high-impact projects in the area of cognitive neuroscience, with the understanding that these may also be high-risk. This commitment to supporting fundamental, blue-sky scientific research will advance understanding of the brain—in health and disease—across the lifespan.

Applicant and Project Eligibility:

  • All applicants must hold an eligible academic appointment with a significant research component. Interdisciplinary and diverse research teams are encouraged.
      • A researcher may submit one application per call as a lead applicant. There is no limit to submissions as a co-applicant.
  • Projects must clearly contribute to the strategic priorities of BrainsCAN (See BrainsCAN Alignment/Steering document). All project types are acceptable from discovery-based science to end-user translational research. Projects should be novel and not currently funded from any other source
        • Stimulus Projects: Generally $25,000 to $100,000 for 3 months to 1 year
        • Full Accelerator Program: Generally over $100,000 per year for 1 to 3+ years

Application Process Summary:

      • Stimulus:
      1. Stimulus applications must be submitted to BrainsCAN by 4:30 pm on the deadline date via email to
      2. Lead applicant will submit a ROLA proposal. 
      • Full Accelerator:
      1. Full Accelerator applications must be submitted, following successful completion of a Stimulus project or approval of a Stimulus Waiver, by 4:30 pm on the deadline date via email to
      2. Lead applicant will submit a ROLA proposal.

Important Documents:

    • Program Guidelines
    • Application Forms:
      • Stimulus Application
      • Full Accelerator Application
      • Knowledge Dissemination Application
    • Other Resources