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Consciousness - this is a state of awareness, of perceiving and interpreting external stimuli or an internal sense of self. While agreeing a concrete definition is difficult, most have a broadly similar sense of what consciousness means informally - the sense of self, the interpretation of our senses, the ability to ‘feel’ and remember, to make personal choices and to engage with others, particularly through language. There are times when our consciousness is altered, such as by alcohol and other drugs, and when it appears to be absent completely, such as in a vegetative state. With advances in technology over the past few decades like fNIRS, fMRI and EEG, we can now study and research consciousness in the brain, in health and in disease, and try to better recognize and explore it.

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Communicating with patients with disorders of consciousness by translating thoughts into light
Project Summary - Disorders of consciousness (DOC) are a big challenge - if we can't communicate with a patient and they can't communicate with us, how can we tell if they're conscious?

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