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Stroke & ischemic brain injury - a stroke is when blood flow is interrupted to any part of the brain. It can quickly result in damage to brain cells. The signs or symptoms of a stroke include limited or no movement or feeling on one side of the body, loss of vision to one side, dizziness or problems understanding or speaking. These symptoms can be permanent. There are two main types of stroke – a hemorrhagic stroke is due to bleeding, usually directly into the brain or into the space between the brain’s membranes, and an ischemic stroke is due to a lack of blood flow, usually a blood vessel blockage. Research might consider the short-term symptoms, impacts and treatment of a stroke or the long-term implications on brain function and daily quality of life after a stroke.

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Neuroplasticity during recovery of attentional function after parietal stroke
Project Summary - Two percent of Canadians live with the effects of stroke. These effects are wide ranging - impairing motor function, speech production and general cognition. While the symptoms...

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PET and MRI measurements of neuroinflammation and brain plasticity after a stroke
Project Summary - Prolonged inflammation of brain tissue can result in degeneration and dysfunction of white matter (the tissue that allows messages to pass between neurons in grey matter)...

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