Results Announcement: BrainsCAN Accelerator Internal Granting Program

March 26, 2020  -  BrainsCAN Communications

The seventh round of BrainsCAN’s Accelerator Internal Granting Program results have been announced. Six, one-year projects were funded under this round.

*Award agreements have been sent to the following researchers. Note: final awards subject to change based on acceptance of the award agreements.

Detecting fine-grained population codes in human prefrontal cortex
Lead applicant: Marieke Mur
Co-applicants: Julio Martinez-Trujillo, Ravi Menon
Budget: $92,847

Development of a Novel Pharmaceutical to Prevent Hearing Loss and Cognitive Impairment following Loud Noise Exposure
Lead applicant: Brian Allman
Co-applicants: Paul Walton, Shawn Whitehead
Budget: $112,560 

Multisensory stimuli and virtual navigation tasks during intracranial clinical recordings
Lead applicant: Lyle Muller
Co-applicants: Ana Suller Marti, Laura Batterink, Julio Martinez-Trujillo, David Steven
Budget: $98,500

Neuroplasticity during recovery of attentional function after parietal stroke in NHP
Lead applicant: Corey Baron
Co-applicants: Stefan Everling, Ali Khan, Blake Butler, Dan Miller
Budget: $99,625

Temporal interference stimulation in NHP
Lead applicant: Brian Corneil
Co-applicants: Lyle Muller, Sebastian Lehmann
Budget: $95,340

Unlocking the roles of aging and disease on white matter and neuroplasticity from development to degeneration using simultaneous PET and 129Xe MRI
Lead applicant: Alexei Ouriadov
Co-applicants: Udunna Anazodo, Jonathan Thiessen, Matthew Fox, Justin Hicks, Shawn Whitehead
Budget: $99,400

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