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Developing optogenetics/electrophysiology applications for studying cognitive impairment during stress
Project Summary - The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is a very important brain region. It plays a vital role in working memory - cognitive tasks such as temporarily remembering a 7-digit number...

Attention bias modification training as a potential preventative tool
Project Summary - Adolescence is a critical period of development for mental health concerns. Anxiety and depressive symptoms and disorders tend to increase, which can impair memory, attention and...

Role of microglia signaling in brain circuit development and cognition
Project Summary - Microglia are the resident immune cells of the central nervous system. They help the brain respond to injury and infections and remove damaged cells. During brain development...

Assessing listening with engaging, real-world auditory signals
Project Summary - More than 40% of people aged over 50 suffer from hearing loss. Typically, diagnosis happens long after older people first experience real‐life problems such as...

Imaging fetal brain connectivity in high risk pregnancy
Project Summary - Many neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diseases have both environmental and genetic influences. Environmental pressures can start during pregnancy but timely...

The impact of maternal immune activation on fetal brain development
Project Summary - Disruptions during early brain development are leading causes of cognitive deficiencies and severe neurological disorders. Research has shown that viruses...

Neurocognitive, genetic and environmental risk factors of learning disorders in children
Project Summary - Western has an enviable range of world-class laboratories examining neurocognitive development and identifying developmental disorders and learning...

The role of the basolateral amygdala in gaze avoidance behaviour
Project Summary - Our behaviours arise from the coordinated activity of interconnected networks of neurons in the brain. A major challenge of neuroscience is unravelling this...

Growing new dendritic spines to correct cognitive deficits of schizophrenia
Project Summary - Cognitive disfunction is a symptom of many neurodevelopmental and acquired brain disorders - including schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder...

Establishing a translational platform for studying sensory processing in neurodevelopmental disorders
Project Summary - Developmental disorders such as developmental language disorder (DLD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) disrupt the normal development and maturation of our auditory or hearing system...

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