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Aging - This is the process of becoming older, generally, and can include physical, psychological and social changes. Within BrainsCAN, we are specifically interested in the impact of aging on the brain, how it performs as we age, how well it enables us to complete activities at different ages – in both ‘healthy’ aging and as a component of age-related disorders and diseases. Targets for research might be memory, hearing, reaction times and information processing.

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Can self-efficacy training improve memory and functional activation in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment? A proof-of-concept intervention study
Project Summary - Dementia is one of the most pressing health care issues of the 21st century. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a well-recognized risk factor for dementia. MCI is defined as...

The effect of musical training on speech and sound perception
Project Summary - Musicians develop instrument or voice expertise through years of specialized training. They excel at understanding pitch and timbre, and they exhibit superior motor skills, such as....

Attention bias modification training as a potential preventative tool
Project Summary - Adolescence is a critical period of development for mental health concerns. Anxiety and depressive symptoms and disorders tend to increase, which can impair memory, attention and...

Validating methods for using noninvasive brain stimulation to influence auditory perception
Project Summary - Speech and music are both rhythmic in nature. When you hear them, the neural activity in your brain synchronizes with the rhythms of these sounds. This process is important...

Uncovering the neural basis of cognitive impairment following hearing loss: an all-optical electrophysiology approach
Project Summary - Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic health conditions. In addition to age-related hearing loss, it is well-recognized that excessive exposure to loud noise...

PET and MRI measurements of neuroinflammation and brain plasticity after a stroke
Project Summary - Prolonged inflammation of brain tissue can result in degeneration and dysfunction of white matter (the tissue that allows messages to pass between neurons in grey matter)...

Assessing listening with engaging, real-world auditory signals
Project Summary - More than 40% of people aged over 50 suffer from hearing loss. Typically, diagnosis happens long after older people first experience real‐life problems such as...

Aging is associated with an over-sensitivity of brain responses to sound
Research Summary - Hearing loss affects 40% of people aged 50 years or older. Typical problems reported by older individuals include difficulties in understanding speech in the...

News articles tagged with 'aging': about 8 results

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