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Neuroplasticity - in the broadest sense, this refers the ways in which the brain is structurally and/or functionally altered by experience. This includes the type of changes that accompany everyday interactions with our environment, like learning to play a new piece of music on the piano; it also refers to the way in which the brain must change to compensate for injury or disease. The potential for this type of reorganization is often greatest in early development, but thankfully, even the adult brain retains the ability to respond and reorganize itself – in the case of brain injury, this can even include changes in the regions of the brain that give rise to particular behaviours or functions. Understanding when and how this reorganization occurs, how the related functional changes impact learning, memory and healthy development, and the degree to which we can influence these changes are some of the important research questions being explored.

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Developing a mechanistic understanding of crossmodal reorganization following sensory loss
Project Summary - Deafness dramatically alters brain structure and function. It has significant perceptual, social and economic impacts, much beyond just the loss of hearing. Social and...

Somatosensory microcircuits for real-world hand function
Project Summary - A central goal of systems neuroscience is to understand how real world behaviour, such as hand movements and use, is generated by coordinated populations of single neurons...

Uncovering the neural basis of cognitive impairment following hearing loss: an all-optical electrophysiology approach
Project Summary - Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic health conditions. In addition to age-related hearing loss, it is well-recognized that excessive exposure to loud noise...

PET and MRI measurements of neuroinflammation and brain plasticity after a stroke
Project Summary - Prolonged inflammation of brain tissue can result in degeneration and dysfunction of white matter (the tissue that allows messages to pass between neurons in grey matter)...

Imaging visually-evoked cortical activity
Project Summary - At one time, the importance of hearing loss was not well understood, it was considered a peripheral deficit. However, it is now known to dramatically alter the...

Imaging fetal brain connectivity in high risk pregnancy
Project Summary - Many neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diseases have both environmental and genetic influences. Environmental pressures can start during pregnancy but...

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