Research Excellence Award

The Research Excellence Award is a strategic internal funding opportunity with the explicit goal of supporting and increasing the external funding competitiveness of excellent but unfunded research grant applications to the CIHR project grant competitions. 'Excellent but unfunded' grants are those unsuccessful applications that are ranked in the top 22% of applications evaluated within a funding panel.

The Research Excellence Awards provide short-term funding to enable the furtherance of a project or program until the next opportunity to re-apply to the external funding competition. Each award will be up to $80,000 for up to one year.

The first round of this program is now open for submission of eligible grants from the CIHR Fall 2020 round, whose results were announced March 3, 2021. The submission deadline is therefore in two weeks - 4:30pm on March 17, 2021.


Administration of the program is overseen by the Internal Funding Chairs, currently Drs M. Prado and A. Pruzsynski. They will review submissions for alignment with the BrainsCAN mandate and provide funding recommendations to the BrainsCAN Executive Committee. There is no assessment of scientific merit by BrainsCAN since an eligible application has already been ranked within the top 22% of applications received for the external competition.

Contact Information:

The competition is administered by BrainsCAN’s Support Team (
For specific questions please contact Jon Deeks, Knowledge Mobilization & Impact Manager (