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The BrainsCAN NHP RIC focuses on research that employs behavioural and neurophysiological methods, including investigations of neurovascular coupling and the neurophysiological basis of resting state networks using MRI, neuroplasticity following sensory augmentation or deprivation, reversible lesions using cooling and chemical intervention, network effects of forms of brain stimulation, and fine-grained representation of sensory information, motor control and cognition at the single-neuron level. This work is supported by 15 state-of-the-art neurophysiological rigs dedicated to NHP work alone, featuring any number of technical customizations including virtual-reality environments, robotic manipulandums, high-channel count acquisition, two-photon microscopy, microneurography, comprehensive assessments of movement, and neuromodulatory, inactivation and brain stimulation approaches including iontophoresis of isolated neurons, optogenetics, microstimulation, cryogenic inactivation and TMS.


RIC Contact Information:

Stefan Everling
Director, NHP RIC
BrainsCAN, Western University