Rodent Cognition Core


The BrainsCAN Rodent Cognition Core (RCC) supports, through technical staff salaries and operational costs, existing infrastructure for both conventional and advanced touchscreen-based rodent neurobehavioural experimentation at Western University. Specifically, conventional behavioural equipment and some touchscreens are housed within the Mouse Neurobehavioural Facility (MNF) ( and additional touchscreens are housed within Tim Bussey and Lisa Saksida’s Translational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. The RCC will also maintain breeding pairs of specific mouse lines for use by BrainsCAN-aligned researchers. A goal of the RCC is to develop experimental platforms for understanding the role of brain circuits in cognition, which can then be used (by BrainsCAN-aligned researchers) to test efficacy and delineate mechanisms of action of potential therapies for cognitive deficits.

Core Contact Information:

Tim Bussey
Director, Rodent Cognition Core
BrainsCAN, Western University

Tim Bussey and Lisa Saksida have established a series of targeted cognitive tests for animals, administered via touchscreen within a custom environment known as the “Bussey-Saksida touchscreen chamber”. Cambridge Enterprise, the technology transfer office of the University of Cambridge, supported commercialization of the Bussey-Saksida chamber, culminating in a license to Campden Instruments. Any financial compensation received from commercialization of the technology is fully invested in further touchscreen development and/or maintenance.