Human Cognition & Sensorimotor RIC

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The foundational goal of the Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Research and Innovation Core (HCS RIC) is to advance our understanding of how the brain gives rise to complex human behaviour. We are a key node in Western’s neuroscience community, linking basic, clinical, and translational research across Western and the wider London research community.

Current priorities of the HCS RIC include:

  1. developing methods to study human cognitive neuroscience in real-world situations of diverse populations, as real-world validity is arguably the ultimate goal of human research, and maximizes significance, impact, and relevance;
  2. building stronger links with clinical communities to inform them of relevant studies, and to support clinical research and training;
  3. increasing community engagement through OurBrainsCAN and the Centre for the Science of Learning; and
  4. strengthening collaborative bonds with the Computational RIC to break new ground in analytical methods for the rich data arising from our cognitive neuroscience investigations.

RIC Contact Information:

Jessica Grahn
Director, Human Cognition and Sensorimotor RIC
BrainsCAN, Western University