Results: PDF Collaborative Research Grant

Funding Cycle Co-Lead PDF Project Title Supervisor(s) Core(s) Value
2019 Round 1 Limongi, Roberto; Cecala, Aaron Revealing the effect of aberrant connectivity on response inhibition in first episode psychosis Palaniyappan, Lena; Corneil, Brian HCSC; IMG $5,000
2019 Round 1 Clery, Justine; Xiao, Yiming Functional ultrasound imaging of neural activities of NHP during visual tasks: a pilot study Peters, Terry; Everling, Stefan COMP; IMG; NHP $5,000
2019 Round 1 Van Hedger, Kathryne; Palmer, Daniel A translational approach to examining the cognitive effects of dopaminergic medication in Parkinson's disease MacDonald, Penny A.; Saksida, Lisa HCSC; RCC $5,000


Please note that these results are accurate as of 2021-04-20


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