BrainsCAN updates regarding COVID-19

Ongoing, updated May 21, 2020  -  BrainsCAN Communications

Over the last two months, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused on-campus research to be put on hold, resulting in delays for BrainsCAN Accelerator Program projects.

Ensuring the viability of Accelerator projects during this time of physical distancing is essential. Therefore, the BrainsCAN Executive Committee has approved supplementary funding to support active grants and assist grant holders, resulting in interim changes to the BrainsCAN Accelerator Internal Granting Program. 

BrainsCAN's statement on the tragic killing of Daunte Wright

April 15, 2021  -  BrainsCAN Communications

BrainsCAN stands in solidarity with the Black community, who continue to experience painful reminders of social injustice. The recent murder of Daunte Wright in Minneapolis reflects the continued anti-Black racism that has afflicted our society and has a profound impact on the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the Black community. We must acknowledge, check-in, and support our Black scholars, trainees, and staff during these times.

We condemn any form of prejudice, stigmatization or racism.

We reaffirm our commitment to ensuring the research environment we provide is equitable and inclusive. We accept our responsibility to challenge and overhaul systems which continue to devalue or discriminate against individuals on the basis of racial identity or Indigeneity. As an initiative we maintain accountability to self-reflection, program reform and meaningful action to combat systemic racism.

Neuroscientists show planning ahead is key for controlling movement on and off the court

March 31, 2021  -  Western News

When Fred VanVleet brings the basketball up the court, the Toronto Raptors guard needs to read the defence and decide his next move while still controlling a continuous flow of movements to keep his dribble alive.

Depending on the actions of his teammates, and the opposing defenders, ‘Steady’ Freddy may have to change plans of action very quickly. And as any Raptors fan knows, he can.

A new study from Western University, supported by BrainsCAN, suggests that this sort of dual-task ability (planning ahead while controlling ongoing movement) is a fundamental aspect of complex skilled behaviours, like playing basketball. And, more importantly, this ability can be improved with practice.


Results Announcement: BrainsCAN Accelerator Internal Granting Program

March 12, 2021  -  BrainsCAN Communications

The eighth round of BrainsCAN’s Accelerator Internal Granting Program results have been announced. Two, two-year projects were funded under this round.

For more information about the Accelerator Internal Granting Program, please visit https://brainscan.uwo.ca/programs/accelerator_program/index.html

For more information about past Accelerator results, please see: https://brainscan.uwo.ca/results/accelerator_program.html